P1, Episode 21: God Protects His Children





Christ Jesus Transforms Us to be Authentic: God Protects His Children

God will protect his children

***from their enemies. The evil ones may attempt to harass God’s children but they won’t prosper. … He will demonstrate it to favor his children and defeat their foes. God has both visible and invisible weapons that can be used to defeat the enemies and also protect his children.

In a world experiencing wars, rumors of war and dangers of every kind, it’s comforting to know that God has promised to protect His people. We may not all be on the front lines of a natural war, but we all face an enemy who intends to steal, kill and destroy. However, we must always remember our God is more powerful than the devil. And when we make God our refuge, we have security in Him. Just like a newborn baby wrapped in a warm, secure blanket, God wraps us in His love, power and protection.

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