P2, Episode 15: Answering the Call





Walk in the Spirit: Answering the Call

Staying productive, motivated, and competitive is ultimately about making the right choices, both in your daily life and with your most ambitious goals.

1. Set stretch goals for yourself, then narrow them down to achievable parts.

2. Overcome distractions by staying prepared.

3. Making the right choices isn’t just good for you, it’s better for your team, ministry, and your calling. The Spirit of true Leadership:

– a) The spirit of strong self image: a true sense of one’s source

– b) The spirit of a healthy concept: a perception of one’s true nature

– c) The spirit of self-confidence: a belief in one’s inherent ability

4. The spirit of self-significance: a sense of valuable contribution to the world

5. The spirit of passion: a deep conviction and determination of heart

6. The spirit of excellence: a striving to always improve self and work

7. The spirit of compassion: a sensitivity to the value of others

8. The spirit of creativity: a belief in the untested and untried

9. The spirit of self- empowerment: a desire to see others succeed

10. The spirit of self-improvement: a personal commitment to grow

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